Welcome to the Isabel Bäurle lab. We are interested in plant epigenetics and the adaptation of plants to recurring and chronic stress. We are situated at the Institute for Biochemistry and Biology at the University of Potsdam.


16/08/2019: Our lab has moved and you can now find us on the first floor of Haus 29, centrally on the Golm campus.

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11/07/2018: Our article in The Plant Journal made the cover and is recognized in a Research Highlight. Read here.

27/06/2017: Jörn’s review on the epigenetic regulation of stress memory is out in Genome Biology.

23/05/2017: We are looking for students with a keen interest in molecular biology, plants and epigenetics to support our lab during the summer and beyond (as “studentische” or “wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft”). Please contact Isabel if interested.

24/01/2017: We have an opening for a postdoctoral and a PhD student position in an ERC-funded project on the role of chromatin in plant stress adaptation. For details see pdf or here.

29/09/2016: Kris’ and Simone’s paper is online in eLife (link).

24/06/2016: We currently have master thesis projects available. See here.

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